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Welcome to Caring For Your Kids - it's all about Raising them Happy and Healthy. We live in challenging days - some Parents cope well and others not so well, with various circumstances they find themselves in, and I'm here to give some
support to Kids and their Parents.

For quite some years, I have really felt for Kids who have had it not good with their Parents, I've noticed when out and about in different places, and felt that I really wanted to help them. In recent years, I've really felt for Couples who are not finding Parenting easy and it makes me want to help them in some way too. I often interact with Parents and Children when shopping and have Micro-Chats with them. I meet some really Good Parents, and some really Nice Kids, and fretful children, where the Parents welcome a little cheery intervention, seeing them calmer as they go on their way with their parents.

Commencing this Website now, so I can help Parents and Kids, bringing some peace and happiness into their Homes and Families. Some content will be focused on helping Parents be happier in themselves because many have been brought up with busy working Parents who have not invested much time in Family Life: bonding and spending quality time together and teaching them Life Skills. Hence, a lot of people feel they don't have much to offer their Kids - they have not had much instilled into them because their upbringing has been lacking in some areas.

So I am going to call on Writings from other Websites etc as well for this very important task of bringing Hope into Homes and Families - not just my own writings - who have a lot to offer. I've been Researching Natural Health for 30+ years and running a few Websites with Inspirational Writings etc for 12 years - I find some really excellent content that will help you considerably and will write myself here and there as time permits. Hence, you can consider Caring For Your Kids to be a good Resource Website, rather than one person's writings. Is that OK with you?

Some Insights

Kids don't understand what's happening with their Parents often and they don't know how to speak up for themselves when their needs are unmet; they feel unnoticed or ignored - be it for whatever reason; there's financial difficulties; less food on the table; Mum and/or Dad are distracted with TV and Tech Screens; maybe their Parents aren't given to showing Affection much or they give Attention sparingly. There are many thoughts that can present themselves in a Child's heart and mind when things aren't right to them hey? They can sense something amiss.
Often, that's why they Play Up. They're confused and upset.
Nutrition and Adequate Sleep play an Important Role too.

Parents can often feel flustered or out of their depth with their Child/Children. These days, everything's "busy busy" for a lot of people: nerves may be frayed; stress building up; and whatnot - there are certain days or moments when they experience "overwhelm" and may not be at their best with their Kids, and they would like to improve things.

There are also couples who are very Good Parents who would like to improve their Skills in Raising Children.


I'm here to show some Simple Ways you can impart a little strength, trust and assurance to your Little Kids and Young Kids in their Upbringing. These are the things we must instil in our Kids more so than just Brainy Kids, well provided for financially. Many parents think of those things and fret if that's not the case or they limit what they give their kids to those two things.

Many Parents tend to live in a Mode or Whirl of Distraction with whatever is happening to them, around them or between them, oblivious to what may be taking place in their Childs/Children's Mind - not that they mean to be that way.

I am your Host Janet Vargas. I live in Australia and was brought up close to the beach in a Country Town and have lived in outer suburbs of the city, not far from the hills since my 30's.

Lets see if we can improve on these things, hey?
Because I have spent many years in part-time Independent Natural Health Research.
I can bring some help in that area as well.

As previously stated

I will also include Articles by other Writers in my Blog, I find to be good.
That helps to make a Website like this well-rounded.
I've always believed different things work for different people
and this can most certainly apply to Articles on Parenting.
How does that sound? Looking forward to your next visit.
See you Soon!

PS NOTE: If we conversed in a Supermarket, whatever,
you can be sure I Enjoyed speaking with You.
If I quickly handed a Website Card to you, saying
"To the Rescue" or something similar, I am glad you came.
You will Find Help here.

This Website Commenced on the 2nd July 2023